Live Ur Dream

Are you aspiring to be an actor/actress,muscian, comedian,model, journalist,play writer,make up artist ?

Live Ur Dream

Aspire Believe ‘N’ achieve


  1. Contracts with renowned Media Outfit and Exposure Trips
  2. Feature upcomingTelevision series, movies and Modeling events
  3. Contract for best musicians, modeling, dancers and comedians
  4. Jobs for journalist with great incentives  
  5. Participants will be groomed in play write, acting, singing, comedy, reporting, broadcasting, event planning etc.
  6. After the training, the qualified candidates will be recruited as staffs, working from various campuses, states,communities in our Print/broadcast and entertainment firm.
  7. Geezmedia will promote selected participants in our movies,series and record label on trending social media platforms including local television channel Comedians,Dancers, Make Up Artist and models will get an opportunity participate in various shows within and Outside the country.
  8. Over 100 actors/actresswill feature in our movies/series The Journalism section will see participants go through therudiments of becoming a full time reporters, TV presenters OAP’s a will berecruited into the Geezmedia team. 
  9.  Participants that did not make it through these trainings will be given discount in every dealings withthe company. e.g. those that signed up for music career in Live ur Dream will be given discount on production (audio and video)                                   

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